Dana Moats

NCLMBT 15318

Dana graduated in 2012 from Haywood Community College with her Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage. She was introduced to the many benefits of massage after a diagnosis of degenerative disk disease at the age of 17 . Experiencing relief from personal pain , Dana set forth knowing she wanted to share the power of healing touch with a career in therapeutic massage. Providing the benefits of massage to others who are in need is her passion. Dana specializes in Swedish massage techniques, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone. She tailors each session based on the clients needs to ensure a unique effective relaxing mind and body experience.

Kim Forman  NCLMBT13494
Kim received her training at the Oregon School of Massage, where she discovered the joy of witnessing the transformation of her clients from tired, tense, and full of stress, to relaxed, centered, and exuberant. Creating a deeply tranquil experience, educating clients on self-care, and adapting to her clients' needs are integral aspects of her work.
Her eight years of experience have spanned spa and clinical environments, personal practice, and massage education. Using a blend of deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai massage (as well as special treatments with hot stones or heated bamboo), she offers a desperately needed, well-deserved retreat from your hectic schedule into a mental and physical bliss.

A few tips so you can make the most of your Massage...
* Don't eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before a massage session.
* Arrive well in advance of your appointment. It gives you time to check in and relax before your treatment. If you get there five minutes before, you might miss some of your treatment time. And if you have rushed, it will take longer to relax.
* Most massage takes place nude but you are fully draped at all times. If you do not want to remove all your clothing, wear clothing that you will be comfortable wearing during the massage and will allow the massage therapist to touch and move the areas of your body you expect will need to be worked on.
* Be receptive and open to the experience and trust in the professionalism of the therapist.
*Good communication is important. Before the session, let your massage therapist know what your needs are. During the massage session, report any discomfort, whether it is from the massage or anything else -- room temperature, music volume, lighting, etc. Feel free to give feedback on the amount of pressure, speed of movement, etc.
*Don’t be afraid to discuss any apprehensions or concerns. Your massage therapist is a professional dedicated to do his or her best to help you feel at ease.
*Some people like to talk during a massage session, while others remain silent. In general the massage therapist will follow your lead.
*Deep breathing helps you relax. People often stop breathing when they feel anxious or a sensitive area is massaged. If this is happening, let yourself breathe.
*Tightening up during the massage is counterproductive. Let your massage therapist know if this happens. They can adjust the massage technique or help you relax.
* If your thoughts race, try to quiet your mind by following the hands of the massage therapist. Focus on how the touch feels.
*If anything happens during the massage that seems improper, ask the massage therapist to stop. You also have the right to end the session.
*If you are dizzy or light headed after the massage, do not get off the table too fast.
*Drink extra water after a massage.
*Allow for some open, quiet time after your massage session. It helps your body absorb the results.
*Massage has its greatest benefits over time. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, so the more often you get a massage, the better you will feel and the more quickly your body will respond..

The therapists at Therapeutic Massage in Waynesville NC have qualities, standards, and commitment that are present in the hearts of people who want to make a difference in this world. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and always want to provide you with the best possible service. Our clients needs are first and foremost in every session. We work hard to provide a professional setting where you will feel comfortable and secure. Therapeutic Massage sincerely wishes you good health and happiness.

Dana Lee
Licensed since 2003

  Dana is the proud owner of Therapeutic Massage in Downtown Waynesville. She is a native of Haywood County, NC and loves these beautiful mountains. She received her Degree in Massage Therapy from the Alpha School of Massage in Greenville, SC. She has been practicing for over 15 years and truly enjoys the career path she chose. She specializes in deep tissue using foot pressure, warm river and salt stone massage which improve flexibility and relieve pain. With lymphatic and Swedish massage, she can provide a relaxing mind and body experience which is also detoxifying. Earning a diploma in Aromatherapy and the use of high quality essential oils, have given her the tools to provide a truly therapeutic experience for her clientele. As you can see, Dana holds the art of Massage and helping people very close to her heart! In her free time, she loves taking hikes, floating down the river, cookouts with her friends and family, snowboarding, and her special K9, Molly.

Tiff Panther reviewed Therapeutic Massage — 5 star
November 4, 2017 · 

I visited Therapeutic Massage for the first time today, and it will definitely NOT be my last visit with them. I had an amazing 90 minute Signature Massage from Dana Lee. I'm looking forward to going back. They also have a repeat customer program in which you get 50% off on your 6th massage. And it is so easy to book online. Top of my recommendations.

"Simply wonderful! Definitely coming back, and referring friends."

Thank you Dana! My shoulder is much better and I used the heating pad on the shoulder and forearm like suggested, slept great... thank so much!, see you next time

Stephanie Roat
NC License #: 17074

My journey in massage came when I was called into it by something greater than myself. Following this call to massage school, I discovered my true place in the world doing what fed my soul--helping people. Using massage to make individuals feel better by Touch means the world to me and I want to share my gift with everyone. I attended the Central Maryland School for Massage and specialize in the flowing and relaxing techniques of Swedish work as well as Deep Tissue.

Connie Smith reviewed Therapeutic Massage — 5 star
June 21  

Absolutely the most amazing massage ever! Highly highly recommend Stephanie, have had headaches for too many days to count and she has worked miracles on my body. Thank you so much and I will be back for more soon!

5 Stars... Had a GREAT 90 min deep tissue massage from Kim Forman 6/30/17. I was a 1st time visitor at Therapeutic Massage. Booking was a breeze online and the service was great. Kim really knows how to put a person at ease and her technique was perfect ! I went in to the session completely wrecked to the point it was hard to take a deep breath. I left a new man and felt even better the next day. She assured me all therapist were equally as good but I feel I have found my "go to" therapist. Thank you Kim